About CFNA

Established in 1995, China Fisheries North America, Inc. (CFNA) is the U.S.  Subsidiary of CNFC Overseas Fisheries Co.  Ltd. (COFC) and its exclusive sales representative in North America.

Backed by COFC’s technologically – advanced and experienced fishing fleet operating globally, CFNA is able to bring various fresh fish directly from ocean. In addition, with its financial strength and reputation, CFNA is sourcing the best seafood products from all over the world to the North American market and expanding its business from importing to wholesaling, distributing, and cold storage.

Over the past 20 years, CFNA has gained strong reputation and good relationship with customers. As a reliable supplier in the North American seafood market, we strive to ensure the quality of each piece of the product it provided to consumers.

Mission Statement

We sincerely continue to dedicate ourselves to providing high-quality seafood to the North American market, and make our best efforts to meet our customers’ needs in all aspects. 


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